Since we admitted our first patient in the summer of 1985 the growth of Hospice of San Angelo has been phenomenal.  We made three promises to that patient...we promised to control her pain and symptoms, we promised to put her in charge of her treatment, and we promised to walk with her through every step of her journey.  In the past 29 years, Hospice of San Angelo has made those same three promises to each patient admitted, some 10,000 times in fact. 

The growth of Hospice of San Angelo has been phenomenal.  Currently we serve fifteen counties in Central West Texas, an area larger than Massachusetts and Connecticut combined.  That growth would have been impossible without the grace of God and the generous people of the Concho Valley who support us with their prayers, hard work, and money.  Your purchase of this cookbook makes you a part of that cadre of loving people. You are helping us make those sacred promises every day, and for many years to come.  As those we serve are unable to thank you, please accept our deep gratitude.

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