Frequently Asked Questions

Is hospice a place?

Hospice is a concept of care that provides an alternative treatment when conventional treatments are no longer a good option for the patient. Hospice care is focused on quality of life for those with a life limiting illness. Some hospices have in-patient facilities that can provide care for a limited period of time in situations where nursing care is necessary around the clock. In general, hospice care is provided in the comfort of the patient's own home.

Who provides the care to the patient once hospice care is chosen?

Care is primarily provided by the patient, family, friends, hired caregivers and/or nursing facility staff. The hospice team provides intermittent care in most situations and is focused on providing support and education to the patient and their caregivers. In crisis situations, nursing care may be required for extended periods during any given 24 hour period. This care is available should the need arise.

Should I wait for our physician to discuss the need for hospice care?

The patient and family should feel free to discuss hospice care at any time with their physician, other healthcare professionals, clergy or friends.

How do we get the supplies and equipment that we need to provide care to the patient at home?

The hospice Medicare benefit includes the provision of all durable medical equipment, medication and supplies as related to the patient's diagnosis for hospice care. At Hospice of San Angelo we own our own durable medical equipment which helps to ensure reliable and accurate delivery of all necessary equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen concentrators and shower chairs by friendly and knowledgeable Hospice of San Angelo staff.

Where can I learn more about hospice care?

Please visit our homepage to learn more about Hospice.

What makes Hospice of San Angelo different from other hospices?

Hospice of San Angelo is the only community based not-for-profit hospice organization serving San Angelo. At Hospice of San Angelo our goal is use our resources to provide the best patient care and support available. Since our goal is not to make a profit, we are able to provide care to all who are eligible for our services regardless of their ability to pay or availability of insurance.

Does hospice provide any help for the family after the patient dies?

We provide continuing support through individual and group counseling for family and friends for at least a year following the death of loved one. Hospice of San Angelo has an extensive bereavement support program that is unsurpassed in the Concho Valley.

What if I decide that I want to pursue more aggressive treatment or just that I don't want to be on hospice anymore?

Patients always have to the right to revoke their hospice benefit at any time for any reason. Some patients may also improve and no longer require our services. Whether a patient chooses to stop hospice care or is discharged due to no longer being a candidate for hospice care, they may always come back on hospice at any time as long as their physician states that they are appropriate for our services.